Chevrolet Sail

The Chevrolet brand has revolutionized the compact sedan concept, bringing out the new Chevrolet Sail with a large indoor space at an affordable price.


This new sedan has a sleek aerodynamic lines with a modern front is a car that does not go unnoti-ced by the city since the new car's curves are quite striking. The most surprising thing about this car is its comfortable interior space and a very large trunk, with a capacity of 370 l. 17-inch wheels.

 Chevrolet Sail

The Chevrolet Sail is a perfect car for the city since you can move easily and thanks to its low power consumption helps you to travel more kilometers with less fuel. This car is for people who want a new car that has room to be comfortable and spend little but without spending much money. Its sale has been favorable in China and India, it is expected a favorable outcome in Europe.

This car is sold with a spectacular engine 1.4i 16v 102cv of power. Can be found in different finis-hes on the engine: 1.4 MT, 1.4 MT LS, 1.4 LT MT. The only model of this car that has air conditio-ning is the top of the range, 1.4 MT LT. What you have set in these three models are power win-dows, driver airbag and a spectacular sound system.

Another important development is the launch of the new 2013 Malibu sedan in very affordable prices. Their engines also allow very low consumption to suit all budgets.


The most striking of the Sail is its great price. This car can be purchased from $ 7,769, a price well below many other cars on the market. Therefore we emphasize that the Chevrolet Sail is presented as an alternative within the scope of most economical family cars, offering a very interesting basic equipment for the price that hits the market. No doubt the Chevrolet hopes the new Sail occupy an important position in sales of various countries in Asia and Europe.

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Chevrolet Sail

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